RMH at WakeMed

3000 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27610 | 919-948-9877

When a child is sick, families need the certainty of a good night’s rest, nourishing meals, and the assurance of being nearby. Ronald McDonald House offers all these things and more – all inside the halls of the hospital.

Located inside WakeMed’s Heart Center Inn, RMH at WakeMed is a short indoor walk to the pediatric units. The House has 5 guest rooms that welcome families of pediatric patients to keep them close to their children.

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The House embraces parents and children as they face challenges and uncertainty, offering the comforts of home, hope, and support.

  • Private standard bedroom with 2 queen beds
  • Private bathroom with tub and shower
  • Small in-room refrigerator
  • Cafeteria meal vouchers for family members
  • Free laundry facilities inside the Heart Center Inn
  • Free parking at the hospital

Where you will be

Raleigh, North Carolina

There is free parking at WakeMed throughout your stay.