Chapel Hill Meal Teams

Serve up love to families at Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill!

Meal # of Cooks Arrival Time Serving Time Departure # to Feed
Dinner Up to 8 As necessary 5:30pm By 7:30pm Based on headcount

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Providing a meal is a wonderful way to support RMHCT families while caring for one of their most basic needs. It removes a heavy burden from parents so they can focus on their child’s care and wellbeing. Your group can offer the warm welcome of a nutritious warm meal to families at the end of a tough day.

We welcome meal teams of up to eight people every day of the week. Groups plan the menu and provide the ingredients. Meals are scheduled in advance, and the online meal calendar can be viewed below, with open dates appearing blank.

Contact for more information.

What You Need To Know

  • Purchase food for 45-50 people for dinner
  • Serving time for the dinner meal is 5:30 p.m.
  • Team members should be familiar with the contents of the Meal Program Handbook (link to file – Taylor to provide)
  • Group leader will complete our meal safety kitchen training; meal team leaders will attend a brief orientation prior to their first meal date
  • Maximum group size is 8 people; children 13 years and older may participate and should be supervised by an adult
  • Groups are required to cook all food on-site; we are unable to accept food prepared at home; however, we can accept items that have been prepared in an inspected facility (grocery store, restaurant, caterer, etc.)
  • You may photograph your group, but please do not include RMH guests in the photos
  • Although you may not see many of our guests while you are here (most spend as much time as possible at the hospital with their child), please know that leftover food is consumed.
  • Clean-up and packing up of leftovers is required
  • No team member may participate if they have any illness or any symptom of illness, no matter how minor
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: In order to meet the needs of RMH families, we require at least 48 hours notice for cancellation; families are counting on you, so if you have to cancel, we ask that you make arrangements to provide a meal by bringing pre-prepared food or making other arrangements such as catering

All meal group members must sign in. The first member to arrive or the team leader will pick up a sign-in sheet and in-kind donation form at the front desk. Meal team members can park in the main parking lot.

If you need to unload supplies from your vehicle, it is convenient to park in the back parking lot near the garages. You will need to pick up an access card at the front desk to be able to gain access through the back gate.

It is of utmost importance to bring enough people to help set up, serve, and clean up after the meal is prepared. All kitchen areas must be sanitized and wiped down after meal is finished.

We will be happy to help your group come up with menu ideas. We welcome meal creativity. Our only request is that your planned meal be a complete meal. For planning purposes, please let us know the week prior to your meal date what your group has chosen to cook.

Example of a complete meal: roasted chicken, rice pilaf, sliced tomato and cucumber salad, and green beans.

We have two stoves/ovens, two dishwashers, two sinks, plenty of counter space, and an ample selection of pots, pans, and cooking utensils.

Our families come from a variety of backgrounds. The one thing that all RMH families have in common is that they have a seriously ill child being treated at the hospital. Many of our families are under a lot of stress and appreciate coming back to the House after an exhausting day at the hospital to a relaxed, home-cooked meal. While many of our families may not make it back in time for the meal, we save leftovers in our House refrigerator for families to enjoy later when they return to the House.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You will plan a menu, shop for groceries, and prepare the food for the meal that you are serving.

Up to 8 volunteers can participate on your meal team. All volunteers must be over the age of 13 and have adult supervision.

Due to the space available in our kitchens, we ask that all groups follow the 8 person per group rule. Your team is welcome to pick multiple dates or choose a day that you can cook at both our Chapel Hill and Durham House locations so that more team members can participate. We also have other work group opportunities available for larger groups. Please contact Ellison Lambert, Volunteer Manager, at ellison@rmhctriangle to learn more about larger group opportunities.

Please plan to prepare dinner for 45-55 individuals. We will reach out the week before your meal to confirm final numbers.

Each kitchen has two stoves/ovens, two dishwashers, two sinks, plenty of counter space, and an ample selection of pots, pans, and cooking utensils. Some meal groups find it helpful to bring disposable pans, but it is not necessary. Food is served in individual to-go containers that the House will provide. If you need specialized containers, please bring them.

You do not need to plan a menu to accommodate special diets, but please know your menu and be prepared to answer any questions about ingredients used that guests may have.

You are welcome to prepare extra food and have dinner as a group in our dining room.

Drinks and dessert are not required but are always welcome! Please make sure that all desserts are individually packaged into Ziploc bags.

All food should be safely sealed in to-go containers or Ziploc bags (provided by the House), labeled and stored for families to eat later. Many families do not make it back to the House for meals and make use of stored leftover food at a later time.

Leftover food can be stored in the refrigerator in the main kitchen.