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The Goldston Family

The Goldston Family
Cash is only four years old, but he’s seen some things. 

In August, the otherwise healthy child from Rocky Mount simply stopped playing. His parents, Jimmy and Kendria, knew something was wrong. When he refused to go to the pool, they took him to the doctor. There were three medical visits before Jimmy and Kendria insisted on tests. Cash’s labs showed he was in kidney failure. He was admitted to Nash General Hospital, and on Sept. 4, he was sent by Life Flight to UNC Children’s Hospital. 

At UNC, news of Cash’s illness grew worse. The team there diagnosed him with heart failure. He had cardiomyopathy of unknown cause, and he was losing ground quickly. 

On Sept. 11, Cash was transferred to Duke Children’s Hospital and began the wait for a heart donation. His parents moved into Ronald McDonald House. 

On Oct. 25, just six weeks after being placed on the donor list, Cash received a life-saving heart transplant. One month later, he and his parents checked out of Ronald McDonald House and returned home to Rocky Mount. To see him on check-out day, you would never imagine his journey. 

The season of giving takes on a whole new meaning for Cash’s family this year. They are grateful for people they will never meet who supported their stay at Ronald McDonald House. They are thankful for the medical team dedicated to Cash’s care. Most of all, they are grateful for the miracle of the second chance they were given. 

Thank you for everything you have done to support Cash’s family!